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Agency Services

DirectResponse.TV is now providing select television campaigns directly to affiliate stations.  With over 1,000 member stations and a keen understanding developed over the years of the unique challenges and needs facing these stations as well as the awesome opportunity they offer to for the right advertisers, DirectResponse.TV has expanded past it's networking and advocacy work as well as trade paper publishing to include an advertising department.


At this time our roster of ads will be limited and select but open to all of our affiliates.

We will provide stations with electronic delivery of campaigns, dedicated phone numbers and weekly campaign tracking and reporting.    We look forward to expand our commercial offerings in the near future.

At the same time, we will continue to support both television stations and advertising agencies in our usual capacities.


If you are a member station that would like access to our direct response campaigns or an advertiser interested in participating with us, please use the contact form below and someone will follow-up promptly. 

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